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Exterminator 17

Exterminator 17
Catalan Communications also compiled in 1986 all the English-translation episodes of the 'Exterminator 17' comic serialized in 'Heavy Metal' magazine in 1978 - 1979 in one trade paperback. In this compilation, the comic's original black-and-white art is given color formatting by Dave Brown.

Man and machine collide in this sci-fi epic that will question the very nature of the human soul.

In this science fiction adventure, warrior robots known as 'Exterminators' are strewn across the galaxy in a host of deadly environments, fighting for their human masters. But when the creator of these mechanical killers finds his soul trapped in an Exterminator, the balance of power is about to shift...

Artist, Enki Bilal, teams with world-renowned writer Jean-Pierre Dionnet in creating a sci-fi masterpiece.

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