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Lucky Luke 066 — The Promised Land

Lucky Luke 066 - The Promised Land
  • Script: Jul
  • Art: Achdé
  • Translation Publisher: Cinebook
  • Original Publisher: Dargaud
  • Original Title: La terre promise
  • Publication Date: 11.2016
  • Genre: Humor

Luke must escort a family of Ashkenazi Jews across the Wild West!

When an old cowboy friend asks Luke to escort his family, freshly arrived from Poland, to their new home in the West, our lonesome hero has no idea what sort of difficulties to expect. If the Sterns are brave and resolute, they are also ignorant of American ways – and bring with them a multitude of baffling customs. And as if that wasn't enough, the extremely valuable Torah that travels with them has caught the eyes of some unsavoury characters...

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