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Blast 2 — The Apocalypse according to Saint Jacky

Back to the interrogation room nestled at the heart of that gray, clouded metropolis, and Polza’s story continues. We soon find ourselves extracted from that police station, the metaphor for everything that this extraordinary protagonist seeks to escape (law, bureaucracy, morality, social codes, restriction), and returned to the beautiful but savage rural backdrop of Polza Mancini’s quest for transcendance. His wanderings eventually bring him to the underground hideout of the so-called “Saint Jacky”, a prolific drug dealer who uses his profits to feed his obsession: books. But this avid reader also has his dark side, as Mancini soon discovers.“Polza’s story has many unusual twists, absurdities and horrors to go through before we get any closer to understanding the nature of the Blast, and Larcenet’s pacing and visual depictions of the journey make that a compellingly dark and intriguing story.” The Digital Fix