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Townscapes Trilogy

Townscapes Trilogy

The three tales here, linked by a common character - a lean, blond man capable of amazing feats - about small towns threatened by bigness.

In The Cruise of Lost Souls (1975), weird military-scientific testing threatens an agricultural village; in Ship of Stone (1976), resort developers want to erase a Breton fishing village; and in The Town That Didn't Exist (1977), a conglomerate plans to scuttle the factory on which the livelihood of little Jedancourt depends.

With the help of the supernatural forces the blond can rally, the towns fight back. The stories are equally beautiful, but each is less comical and more humorous than its predecessor.

Légendes d'Aujourd'hui (Legends of Today) written by Pierre Christin

  1. La Croisière des oubliés, 1975 (The Cruise of Lost Souls, also translated as The Voyage Of Those Forgotten)
  2. Le Vaisseau de pierre, 1976 (Ship of Stone, also translated as Progress!)
  3. La ville qui n'existait pas, 1977 (The Town That Didn't Exist, also translated as The City That Didn't Exist)

The series was published in English sequentially in Heavy Metal Magazine, as stand-alone graphic novels and as a single volume collection (Townscapes, 2004).

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