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Annie Goetzinger

Annie Goetzinger

Annie Goetzinger (18 August 1951 – 20 December 2017) was a comics artist and graphic novelist from Paris, France. From the mid-1970s until her death in 2017, she worked on award-winning graphic novels as well as press cartoons for newspapers such as La Croix and Le Monde. She had a long-standing relationship with comics publisher Dargaud.

Graphically, Goetzinger is known for her research and attention to detail, carefully rendered apparel and a style influenced by Art Nouveau. Goetzinger's background in fashion drawing and costume design shows through in her work as well. In 2016, she was recruited to illustrate a recap of New York Fashion Week for New York Magazine.

Her earliest works were illustrations for short comic stories published in French comic magazines like Pilote, Charlie Mensuel and Fluide Glacial. Goetzinger's first graphic novel, Casque d'Or, won her two awards at the 1977 Angoulême International Comics Festival.