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Bruno Ricard

Bruno Ricard

In 1990, after a year of traveling (Denmark, Great Britain, Spain and Lebanon), Bruno Ricard focused his career on the media world.

1997: After five years in the world of the magazine press (Hachette Group, Filippachi Médias), he began working for the Syndicat de la Presse Quotidienne Régionale.

Passionate about comics, he publishes on the site several bibliographical works about Hugo Pratt, Jacques Tardi, Edgar P. Jacobs...

2004: With his brother Sylvain, he undertakes the trip to Lebanon in 1990... Their friend Christophe Gaultier accepted to take charge of the drawing. This will become Clichés-Beirut 1990, published in Humanoides. This was his first album published as a scriprwriter.

The album received the prize of the "bande dessinée citoyenne" at the 2004 Blois festival (BD Boum).

2007: He returns to the comics world for Bruno, who he co-writes as always with his brother with the drawing of Minerbe.