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As a member of Asylum, a group of young illustrators and scenarists, Édith Grattery collaborated on several works by artists like Cromwell and Riff Reb's. In 1988, she created 'Ornicar' with scenarist Gonord in the collection X of publisher Futuropolis. From that same year, she was present in the magazine Circus. Two years later she started her most famous series, 'Basil et Victoria' with Yann. This series also led to a television adaptation, this time under the name 'Orson et Olivia'.

While making 'Basil et Victoria', Édith illustrated several children's books and worked on several collective projects. In 1995 she collaborated with Nathalie Roques, Dodo and Florence Cestac on 'Quatre Punaises au Club', an album that appeared at Albin Michel. A year later, she started working for Astrapi, where she illustrated the adventures of two kids called Édith and Éduard, scripted by Dugomier. In 2001, she created 'Eugène de Tourcoing-Startrec', a series written by Philippe Corcal and published by Casterman. With the same writer, she produced 'Le Trio Bonaventure' at Delcourt a year later.