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Emanuele Tenderini

Emanuele Tenderini

Although the art of illustration had always appealed to Emanuele Tenderini, it wasn't enough for him to take up studies in the History of Art. In fact, his first port-of-call was his degree in accountancy! Nevertheless, once he got his diploma under his belt, he started out his working life as a graphic designer.

But his true colors started shining through when he left his hometown, Venice, for Milan, where he enrolled at the comic book school. It was here that he refined his drawing style, emerging with something between neo-classicism and a slight touch of digital color: a surprising and perfectly mastered combination.

His gifts as a colorist didn't go unnoticed by his professor, Alfio Buscaglia, who got him involved in a project that would later become the series 1000 Âmes.

In 2006, his encounter with Patrick Weber transformed his label from colorist to illustrator, once and for all. It is somewhat ironic that he published his first comic book, Le Dédale de Jade, in collaboration with an art historian. They were left with a bitter taste in their mouths when this series was discontinued, but that didn't stop them from giving it another shot. The result was 1066, a book about William the Conqueror, the hero of the Bayeux Tapestry. This work, published by Le Lombard, goes to show that Tenderini, for one, is certainly not here to make tapestries!