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Emmanuel Herzet

Emmanuel Herzet Emmanuel Herzet was born in 1973 in Frameries, Belgium. Now living in the Namur region, he teaches history and French in high school. Passionate about the art of centuries past, but with a nonetheless eclectic taste, he began scriptwriting, an activity that truly took shape when Le Lombard introduced him to Piotr Kowalski in 2004. Together, the two of them created La Branche Lincoln, thus planting the first seed of a promising career. That little seed has today blossomed into the series Narcos, Centaures and the spin-off of the famous Alpha, material with which he seems to be naturally comfortable. In fact, Herzet likes nothing better than thinking out geopolitical plots about the large families who govern us, raising questions about what's really going on behind the scenes. And history, which he knows so well, is a never-ending resource he taps to captivate our imaginations! He has gone back to his passion with the swashbuckling series Duelliste and his intriguing take on the great gods of Greek myth, The Prometheans (Le Lombard 2015, Europe Comics 2016).