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Eric Henninot

Eric Henninot

Eric Henninot was born on December 16th, 1974, in Rouen.

As a high school student in Besançon, he specialized in math, but struggled being in a place where drawing was considered as nothing but a hobby.

In 1994, he enrolled in engineering school in Marseille, and soon became… an engineer!

From 1999-2000, however, he illustrated a children’s book, participated in the “young talents” contest in Angouleme, and created his first comics.

In 2001, his book Trama was accepted by the publisher Pointe Noire, but the project fell apart when the company failed.

In 2004, Henninot resurfaced with Stéphane Betbeder, publishing the series Alister Kayne, Chasseur de Fantômes (Albin Michel).

Following that, he contributed to all kinds of projects, from the series Carthago with Christophe Bec (Humanoïdes Associés, 2007) to XIII Mystery with Yann (Dargaud, 2010).

Finally, in 2014, Henninot joined forces with the celebrated scriptwriter Fabien Nury for Fils du soleil (Dargaud; A Son of the Sun, Europe Comics 2017), an adaptation of Jack London’s book by the same name.