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Fabien Vehlmann

Fabien Vehlmann

Born on 30 January 1972, Fabien Vehlmann spent a happy childhood in France in Les Landes and the Savoie region before enrolling in business school in Nantes.

After a job in a theatrical group, which enabled him to get acquainted with video and radio media, he entered a scriptwriting contest held in 1996 by the magazine Spirou. His entry, unfortunately, was rejected, because he failed to adhere to the prescribed format. However, this only encouraged him to persevere, and soon he was hooked: he returned home to his parents and did nothing but write scripts for a whole year. And one fine day, Spirou relented and finally opened its doors to him!

Vehlmann made his debut with Green Manor (Dupuis, Cinebook in English), with artist Denis Bodart, followed by Samedi et dimanche with Gwen (Dargaud).

In 2002, he published Le Marquis d'Anaon (The Marquis of Anaon, Cinebook) with Mathieu Bonhomme, and 2004 saw the publication of IAN (illustrated by Ralph Meyer), with both series being put out by Dargaud.

More recently, in addition to his work on the long-running Spirou & Fantasio series, the author has also created the groundbreaking Seuls (Dupuis; Alone, Cinebook), adapted into a film in early 2017.

Vehlmann’s works are all masterpieces and have already established him as one of the most skillful scriptwriters of his generation.