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Flore Balthazar

Flore Balthazar

Born in 1981 in La Louvière (Belgium), Flore Balthazar currently lives in France.

From as early as nine year old, she knew that she wanted to be a comics artist, and devoured the works of Hergé and Claire Bretécher, as well as classic series like Gaston, and anything else that fell into her hands. When she learned that Hergé had died, she first tried to take up his legendary series herself, and began to redraw The Broken Ear. She only made it through the second page, however, before realizing that she didn't know how to copy other artists' drawings.

Balthazar then followed another path for several years, studying philosophy and literature before finally coming back to comics.

Starting in 2004, she worked as an illustrator for the magazines Planète Enfants and Planète Jeunes, from publisher Bayard, and then Spirou magazine starting in 2006, working on various stories alongside the likes of Frank Le Gall, Thiriet, and Zidrou.

In 2010 she published her first book, Miss Annie, with Frank Le Gall (published by Dupuis), and in early 2018 she released an ambitious solo project, Les Louves, also with Dupuis (The Wolves of La Louvière, Europe Comics).