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Frank Le Gall

Frank Le Gall

Frank Le Gall was born in Rouen in 1959.

At 16, he started work on a humoristic series for an environmentalist magazine, and soon thereafter began contributing to Spirou magazine.

It was the start of a long and fruitful career, marked by prolific creation and frequent travels, either in person or via his work.

It was this penchant for exploration that led to the birth, in 1984, of one of his most well-known and beloved series, Théodore Poussin (Dupuis, Europe Comics in English).

With Poussin, says the author, "I only opted for 1920s Asia so I could lie easily. I don't want an authentic story, only a credible one."

It seems to have been a successful approach, as the third volume of the series, Marie Vérité (Mary Verity) won the Prix du Meilleur Album (Best Comics Album) in Angoulême in 1989.