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Frédéric Maffre

Frédéric Maffre

Born in Castres (southern France) in 1979 and exposed from an early age to his father’s collection of Franco-Belgian classics, Frédéric Maffre was destined to become a part of the comics world.

During his teenage years he began to write his own stories, developing an interest for the cinema as well. After earning a master’s degree in English, he moved to Paris in 2002, getting involved in various kinds of artistic projects and learning to write a great story the hard way through his late-night writing sessions.

He finally found the winning formula when he pulled an old story idea out of his drawers and submitted it to his brother Julien. After being completely re-worked, the idea would eventually be transformed into the groundbreaking series Stern, published in 2015 by Dargaud (Europe Comics 2017).