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Frédéric Peynet

Frédéric Peynet

Frédéric Peynet was born in 1977 in Saint-Rémy in Southern France.

He studied for three years at the Pivaut school of applied arts, in Nantes, specializing in graphic design for advertising. In 1997, he met scriptwriter Isabelle Plongeon, with whom he would go on to create his first two series, Les Apatrides (Pointe Noire, 2000) and Toran (Nucléa, 2001-2003).

The same year, he also became friends with Jean-Charles Gaudin. The pair would work together in the years to come for Le Feul (2005-2009) and Phoenix (2010-2013), published by Soleil.

Peynet also contributed to several collective editions for the same publisher from 2002-2012.

In 2013, he joined forces with author Serge Le Tendre for a comic book adaptation of David S. Khara's Les vestiges de l'aube, published by Dargaud across 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, with the same creative and publishing team, he then illustrated Le projet Bleiberg (The Bleiberg Project, Europe Comics 2017), based on a trilogy of novels by Khara.