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Gabor was just a boy when he first got into comic books. He's always been a big reader, and has been drawing ever since he started watching cartoons.

He soon set his heart on a career in animation, and took classes in development and pre-production. He started working for Studio Tridente Animation in 1996. That's where he met his friend Juan Diaz Canales, with whom he shared his passion for comic books. He ended up working for this studio for 10 years, during which time he was involved in numerous animation projects such as Cédric (Dupuis, Cinebook in English) Agrippine (Claire Bretécher/Dargaud, Agrippina Europe Comics 2016), and Papyrus (Dupuis, Cinebook in English), as well as on films such as Bécassine, Le Cid and even Asterix and the Vikings.

He later published Greenworld with François Debois at Soleil, then Les Patriciens with Juan Diaz Canales at Glénat. Next he joined forces with Raule, with whom he created the sublime Isabellae at Le Lombard (Europe Comics 2016).