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Giuseppe Palumbo

Giuseppe Palumbo

Giuseppe Palumbo was born in Matera, Italy, in 1964.

He began publishing comics in 1986 in magazines such as Frigidaire and Cybord, and it was in these very pages that he created his famous character Ramarro, the first masochistic superhero.

In 1992, he joined the team responsible for the series Martin Mystère (Sergio Bonelli), and in 2000 he joined forces with the legendary Diabolik (Astorina).

In the years following that, Palumbo worked with publisher Comma 22 in Bologna for a series of albums, including Diario di un pazzo and Cut – Cataclisma.

A few years later, in 2011, he illustrated a critical essay on comics history, written by Prof. Luciano Curreri at the University of Liège. Palumbo’s albums have continued to build over the years, with publishers including Comma 22, Cometa, and Lavieri, and his work has been published in French, Japanese, Greek, Spanish, Danish, Tamil, and Belarussian.

In parallel, he has also created numerous covers for books by publishers Mondadori and Feltrinelli, and collaborated with newspapers such as L’Unità, Il Manifesto, and Il Sole24 Ore.

A considerable portion of his work has also been funded by NGOs or directed toward social causes, such as fighting against racism and fascism. Palumbo has won awards as top Italian comics artist many times over, and continues to make his mark on the industry with his one-shot Escobar: El Patrón, created alongside Guido Piccoli (Dargaud 2016, Europe Comics in English 2017).