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Mateo Guerrero was born in Cadiz, Spain, in 1976.

Gifted with precocious talent, he soon started producing comic books for publishing house Planeta-DeAgostini. His first title with them was Crónicas de Mesene (1998), then Cazadores en la red, a series he created for Idibus, a supplement for the daily El País.

Following the example of many of his compatriots, Mateo Guerrero excels in many different styles, and his graphic culture draws as much on comics as it does on manga and the Franco-Belgian school.

He was rewarded for his eclecticism with a detour via the States, where he became the principle illustrator of the series Warlords: Age of Ice, for DreamWave studio. When DreamWave was forced to close its doors, Guerrero returned to the Franco-Belgian genre, producing DragonSeed (2006) for the publisher Humanoïdes Associés, with McClung and Jimenez.Having begun a collaboration with Le Lombard on Beast (2008) and then scripting and illustrating the fantasy series Turo (Le Lombard, 2011), he turned his attention to the artwork of Gloria Victus (Le Lombard 2014, Europe Comics 2017), accompanied by Juanra Fernandez.