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Although he has been a comics fan for a long time, Henscher actually began his writing career in video games. Working full time for Ubisoft, he collaborated with many of the big names, including Matz (Le Tueur), who encouraged him to pursue his dreams of working for the 9th art.

Henscher soon realized that it was only through books that he would truly be able to pursue his ideas freely.

Fascinated by myths and those who created them, he began his career as a comic book writer with Le Seigneur des Couteaux at Casterman.

Alongside Fabien Rondet, he opens the doors to the mysterious “assassins' sect," which is as bloody as it is successful. Today he continues his adventure at Le Lombard, with the Banni tragedy, a medieval-fantasy series beautifully illustrated by Stacy Tarumbana, and The Prometheans (Europe Comics 2016).

The great advantage of the questions that inspire Henscher is that they are universal and timeless, guaranteeing many more stories brilliantly combining the mythical and the human in years to come!