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José Ángel Ares

José Ángel Ares

Born in Bilbao in 1979, this illustrator currently resides in Santiago de Compostela where he draws, draws and draws... as much as he can.

Mainly referred to as "Pater" among his peers, he spent time in the classroom studying fine arts, though he did not complete university. He defines himself as self-taught.

José Ángel has been published in several fanzines and magazines, such as El Arca de las Historietas. Furthermore, he is known for his comic strip No eres tú, soy yo which can be found in the LaRAÑA Magazine blog.

He has created illustrations for Solomon Kane (2011), Apalpador vs Papá Noel (2012) and Rosa y Javier (2013), which was his first graphic novel.