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José Homs

Jose Homs

Born in 1975, José Homs is a Spanish artist and colorist. Surrounded by pencil and paper since his earliest years of childhood, he attended the Joso comics and visual arts school in Barcelona, and soon began to earn a living through his art, whether in advertising, the press, design, or even with his graffiti.

But he soon chose to uproot and leave Europe to head across the Atlantic and go to work for comics giant Marvel. Homs went on to illustrate Red Sonja and Blade, but after two years, frustrated by the rhythm and limitations of the American comics market, he decided to return to Europe – and to the Franco-Belgian comics scene. Homs began with publisher Dupuis in 2010, working on L’Angélus alongside Frank Giroud.

Impressed by his talents, Dupuis then decided to give him the artistic reins to the trilogy Millennium, adapted from the best-selling novels by Stieg Larsson.

A passionate reader himself, and always on the lookout for new styles and approaches, Homs has never hesitated to adapt his own techniques as needed.

His most recent work — perhaps his most graphically stunning project yet — is Shi, a historical series published by Dargaud (Europe Comics in English), alongside author Zidrou.