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Juan Luis Landa

Juan Luis Landa

Juan Luis Landa is a Spanish author from the Basque Country. Following his studies in chemical metallurgy, he quickly changed course and switched to the field of illustration, going to work for the magazine Ipurbeltz.

Wasting no time, he had soon compiled a number of artistic creations, including an animated film (Kalabaza tripontzia, 1984), and several comic books, on the history of the Basque Country (Gabai – Gure Herriaren, 1986), on the life of the Basque priest and theologian Saint Ignatius (Ignacio de Loyola, 1990), and on a number of other renowned figures from the Basque Country (Gabai – Vascos ilustres, 1992).

From 1992 to 1993, Landa contributed to the magazine Egin, in which he illustrated a section focused on political satire, and soon began to branch out into other European comics markets, through a number of series published with Glénat Spain and the Spanish publisher Norma.

In 2016, Landa consecrated his entrance into the Franco-Belgian comics scene with his historical fantasy series Arthus Trivium (Dargaud 2016, Europe Comics in English 2017), alongside fellow Spanish author Raule.