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Karim Belkrouf

Karim Belkrouf

Karim Belkrouf was born in February 1961.

He collaborated with François Boucq on numerous communications projects, as well as in advertising, which is his main occupation. A genuine complicity brought them together regularly, leading up to the release of a technical, educational, and ever so slightly eccentric book about drawing in all its forms: Un point, c'est tout ! (Casterman, 1992).

They also co-wrote the famous press kits of Le Lombard's Troisième Degré collection, that have since become collectables, and an album entitled Cocktail transgénique in the Petits Délires collection.

By dint of seeing each other regularly and passing the buck on multiple jobs, they decided to formalize their relationship by reviving the great Rock Mastard, that had been out of action for 15 years!

In September 2004 Rock Mastard thus returned to the Troisième Degré collection at Le Lombard (with Boucq as illustrator, of course!).