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Marcelo Frusin

Marcelo Frusin

Marcelo Frusin was born on December 27th, 1967, in Rosario, Argentina.

In 1993, upon earning his art degree, he began a professional career in comic books, beginning by collaborating with a number of local publishers.

Between 1994 and 1997, he worked on a crime fiction series in post-communist Moscow, for Italian publisher Universo, before breaking into the American comics scene.

He first worked for Marvel, illustrating X-Men Unlimited, before collaborating on Magnus Robot Fighter with Acclaim Comics.

He then switched over to DC Comics, where he would contribute to the Vertigo line for a number of years, working as illustrator and colorist for various series, such as Flinch and Weird War Tales.Later, Frusin became the official illustrator of the monthly series Hellblazer, a title he held for five years.

He then moved on to Loveless, a western series he created alongside writer Brian Azzarello, and another title from the X-Men universe, with a special edition Wolverine Annual.

Finally, following his years working on American comics, Frusin landed with Dargaud, and in 2012 began a new series together with writer Richard Marazano, L'Expédition (Expedition, Europe Comics 2018), an adventure series set in the age of Ancient Rome.