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Marko Marković

Marko Marković

Born in Belgrade, Marko Marković graduated from the Belgrade University's Faculty of Applied Arts (2006). Painter and illustrator.

The vision of the world of Vizilsan began blooming in 2007–2008, during his stay in the USA. Infiltrating the lowest social classes of bustling metropolises, working on various construction sites, he roamed the streets with a companion, watching people from all across the world struggling for power, money, land, or dreams of other kind.

That experience led to the creation of a story of fantasy with strong social element and meaninglessness of waging wars in a world without freedom governed by inhumane laws. Yet, in the backdrop, still simmering is the light of a nearly burnt-out candle of hope... A hope that beauty, kindness and, above all, justice will one day prevail...