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Born in 1967 in Normandy, Matz grew up between Martinique and Paris.

In 1990, when he was still studying law, he published his first work with Futuropolis, Bayou Joey, followed three years later by Peines perdues with Casterman.

In parallel, using his real name, Alexis Nolent, he published a novel, La nuit du vigile, recently republished by Rivages/Noir.

From then on, he began to pursue two separate and simultaneous careers: during the day, Alexis Nolent made video games for Ubisoft, while at night Matz worked as a comics creator.

During this time, he wrote the series Le Tueur (Casterman, twice nominated at the Eisner Awards), as well as Du plomb dans la tête (Casterman), which inspired Walter Hill’s movie adaptation starring Sylvester Stallone.

Matz also created and directed, together with François Guérif, the Rivages/Casterman/Noir collection, in which he published Le Dahlia Noir, collaborating with David Fincher and Miles Hyman, as well as Adios Muchachos with Paolo Bacilieri.

In 2017, he published the first volume of Tango with Le Lombard (Europe Comics in English), alongside Philippe Xavier.