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Maximilien Le Roy

Maximilien Le Roy

Maximilien Le Roy is one of those people for whom drawing and travel go hand in hand. He'd choose the off-piste route over the circumscribed art school career any day: taking to the road, coming back to tell everyone about your travels, and then setting off again.

Enamored with liberty, he likes radically changing his line, his subjects and his settings through his work, which masterfully merges literature, journalism and comic books.

From Gaza to Indochina, Le Roy is one of those artists that needs to tread the ground of the places he tries to depict in order to capture their essence and transpose them onto the page. He needs to meet people, so that he can tell their story; he needs to find stories in history. And then get back on the road again, from one book to another...

A tried-and-true approach for him, that has led to such successes as the acclaimed Gauguin - Off the Beaten Track (Le Lombard 2013, Europe Comics 2016).