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Born in 1972 in Marseille, Serge Meirinho, otherwise known as Melvil, learned his trade at the National Center of Comics and Animation in Angouleme, focusing on 3D animation. There he met comics authors from the Atelier Sanzot, as well as professional animators such as René Laloux, director of La planète sauvage and Les Maîtres du temps.

Over the following years Melvil split his time between Angouleme, Paris, and Bordeaux. Switching between animation, 3D special effects, and video game design, he worked as a layout man, infographic creator and designer.

Melvil made his comics debut as a writer in 2002 at Glénat, before working on the one-shot Soulhunters with Soleil, as well as Gainsbourg, also with Soleil.

It wasn’t until 2006, however, that Melvil began working as a comics artist, working with writer Eric Corbeyran to produce the two-part series Natty (Dargaud; Europe Comics 2017 in English).

He also contributed his artistic talents to the three-part series Légendes urbaines, also with Dargaud.

Today, Melvil lives in Bordeaux, working at the Bocal Studio workshop, a work space, exposition venue, and artist residence.