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Mohamed Aouamri

Mohamed Aouamri

Algerian comics artist Mohamed Aouamri is a perfectionist, as attentive to the composition of his pages as he is to the sensuality of his art.

These are qualities that he has developed over the course of a career that began in the pages of the magazine Pilote. Although he has worked at times as an independent illustrator, or in advertising, Aouamri has never strayed far from comics, contributing to such landmark series as La Quête de l'oiseau du temps (Dargaud; The Quest for the Time Bird, Titan Comics).

His work has drawn much attention from his peers along the way, and so it was that prolific author Jean Dufaux took notice and reached out to collaborate on a new series, the heroic fantasy trilogy Saga Valta (Le Lombard, Europe Comics in English). The result is a rich and vivid style that plunges the reader into the world of Valgar of Valta.