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Nicolas Sauge

Nicolas Sauge

Previously going by the pseudonym Alcino Segusa, Nicolas is a French artist hailing from Dijon.

In 2000 he started his working life in Paris in several domains, from illustration to animation and advertising.

Gradually, his experience taught him that his job wasn't "just" about drawing, but also stories, errors and encounters. It's not all that easy getting your break when you're into comics, manga, cartoons and Franco-Belgian comics.

Luckily for Nicolas, one day he met someone who decided to believe in him, when in 2011 Indeez publishing fell under his spell, and with them he created the mini-series Samourawaii Legends: Neron. Unfortunately, due to hard times for the publishing house, he wasn't able to complete the series.

So he started a whole new project with Josselin Azorin-Lara and Sylvain Dos Santos working on the script, with publisher Le Lombard. This new children's series, Golam (Europe Comics in English) narrates the adventures of a young pickpocket who, quite by accident, finds himself taking the infamous entrance exam for an alchemy school.