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Marnix Verduyn, a.k.a. Nix, was born in 1969.

Nix has been drawing since he was six years old in the style of "Nero" and already won some local fame as a cartoonist during his studies in Leuven, and it wasn't long before his talent truly blossomed.

First, though, Nix went to work for Belgacom as a civil engineer and put comics to bed... or so he thought at the time. But he failed to take into account the fact that China ink has an infuriating tendency of sneaking back into one's life uninvited! Today Nix produces hilarious strips about the adventures of Kinky & Cozy (Le Lombard; Europe Comics in English), a pair of blonde twins in red dresses, for the newspaper Het Algemeen Dagblad.

He has also been published in PAN, Spirou and Ferraille illustré. "The youngest offspring of the illustrators of Flemish press" has since released five comic books, become the subject of exhibitions (such as at Angoulême in 2004), released an animated cartoon ("TMF") and reviewed cartoons for Studio Brussels.

He is also a professor for a comics workshop at Sint-Lukas (Brussels) with Johan De Moor. The jury of the Brussels Fortnight of Comics in 2007, composed of 300 teenagers aged 10 to 14, awarded Nix with the Petit Spirou prize for Kinky & Cosy.

In Brussels, Rue de la Bourse has even been renamed by many locals, thanks to a remarkable mural at the hands of Nix. You guessed it: Rue Kinky & Cosy.