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Patrick Rambaud

Patrick Rambaud

Patrick Rambaud was born in Paris in 1946.

As a young adult, he was rarely seen at his university in Nanterre, preferring the film library.

In 1968, he then spent sixteen months in the Air Force, before leaving for the literary world. He then published his first rather quirky book and worked as a "rewriter" in a publishing house.

In 1970, he ended up at the newspaper Actuel, with Jean-François Bizot and Michel-Antoine Burnier, where he stayed for fourteen years.

During his time there, he composed historical parodies and novels in collaboration with his cousin Michel-Antoine Burnier. They were published with Grasset, which was later awarded the Alexandre Dumas and Lamartine prize.

He followed up with thirty more books on various subjects, parodies once more (under the pen name 'Marguerite Duraille') and novels (still published by Grasset and André Balland).

Meanwhile, he also wrote sketches and a show with Bernard Haller, that was put on at the Chaillot National Theatre, Fregoli, directed by Jérôme Savary.

He also worked on two scripts by Jean-Pierre Mocky, "Les saisons du plaisir" and "Une nuit à l'Assemblée." Over a period of twenty-seven years, his own works and his work for others (because he's also a ghost writer), add up to no less than one hundred thousand pages...!