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Pedro J. Colombo

Pedro J. Colombo

Spanish artist Pedro Colombo was born just outside of Barcelona in 1978.

His passion for drawing goes back to his early childhood, when he spent his days recreating the superheroes that he so greatly admired.

At 14 years of age, he decided to become a comics author himself, and began to devour all that he could find, from Spider-Man to the X-Men and Ghost Rider.

Along the way, Colombo gradually discovered manga and European comics. Although he was refused admission to fine arts school after high school, he persisted in following his dream, registering at the Escuela Joso, the Spanish capital's most renowned comics institure. There, Colombo would go on to meet Francis Porcel (Reality Show and Folies bergère, Dargaud/Europe Comics), and learn the ways of the best, from Moebius to Boucq and Marini.

During Angouleme one year, while he was working on Sangre Noctambula, a graphic novel destined for the Spanish market, Colombo met Jean-David Morvan (Reality Show and Al Togo, Dargaud), with whom he would later create Trois... et l'ange (Dargaud, 2005).

More recently, he has teamed up with fellow Spanish author Salva Rubio to create the powerful and critically-acclaimed historical graphic novel Le Photographe de Mauthausen (2017; The Photographer of Mauthausen, Europe Comics).