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Philippe Aymond

Philippe Aymond

Born in Paris on 3 February 1968, Philippe Aymond decides on a career in comic books at an early age and obtains a degree in fine arts.

Jean-Claude Mézières hires him in 1989 in the Canal Choc studio which he has founded with Pierre Christin and where Labiano and Chapelle are already perfecting their skills. Christin will remain young Aymond's regular script-writer for ten years. He first pitches in with Labiano and Chapelle.

The trio produces a story in four volumes for Humanoïdes Associés in which a team of television reporters are confronted with lots of extraordinary events : L'Image disparue (1990), Les Capitaines aveugles (1990), Les Corps masqués (1991) and Les Chasseurs d'invisibles (1992).

In 1994, Pierre Christin publishes the strange album L'Homme qui fait le tour du monde at Dargaud. Max Cabanes does the illustrations, while Aymond creates plates spacing out what turns out to be some sort of adventurous report with lots of text. As this unique initiative does not rock the world of the ninth art, the script-writer returns to a more traditional track and writes a new story in four parts for him, the "4x4" series, published from 1997 to 2000 at the same publishing house (La Première rencontre, La Vitrine de la honte, L'Ombre du triangle, and La Dernière rencontre).

Still working with Christin, Aymond also publishes Les Voleurs de villes at Dargaud in 1997. When the new millennium starts, he chooses a new script-writer, Bollée, with whom he launches a more cataclysmic saga at Dargaud, Apocalypsemania, of which three episodes appear in rapid succession : Couleurs spectrales (2001), Experiment IV (2001), Global underground (2002).

Jean Van Hamme is taken with his elegant and sober drawing style, and asks him to do the graphics for his new character, the enigmatic Lady S, who appears at Editions Dupuis in 2003 and who shows all the signs of becoming the new bestseller of this talented script-writer.

Having illustrated stories that were sent to him bit by bit at more or less regular intervals for many years, Philippe Aymond is very enthusiastic about the quality of the subject and the fact that he has the whole story on his desk before even touching a sheet of paper. To him this new adventure is paradise in the world of comic books!