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Philippe Petit-Roulet

Philippe Petit-Roulet

Philippe Petit-Roulet was born in Paris and published his first comics in Zinc magazine, in 1973. In the following years, he worked for other magazines, such as La Gueule Ouverte and L'Écho des Savanes, creating short stories. Some of these were collected in his first album, 'Rien de Spécial', which appeared in 1980. In this same year, he started to collaborate with writer Didier Martiny, with whom he created short stories for Charlie Mensuel and L'Écho des Savanes as well as the character Bruce Predator in À Suivre.

In 1984, a collection of their short stories appeared under the title 'Face aux Embruns', and in 1985, the first 'Bruce Predator' album, titled 'Le Coeur et la Boue' was released. For the magazine Pilote, they created 'Macumba River' and 'Syndrome du Hérisson'. In the magazine Mètal Hurlant, they launched 'Le Cirque Flop' in 1985, and in 1988, they came up with 'Zou Sur le Toit du Monde', followed by 'Papa-Dindon' in 1989. On his own, Petit-Roulet created 'Humpf et la Smockomobile' and 'Rue des Dames', both in 1992.

Other productions of the 1990s include 'Jazz Standards' (Alain Beaulet, 1992) and illustrated children's books for Reporter and Le Seuil Jeunesse. He also ventured into animation and produced 'Loulou et Autres Loups' with Grégoire Solotareff and Jean-Luc Fromental, and has worked extensively in the advertising field.