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Raphaël Beuchot

Raphaël Beuchot

Although Raphaël Beuchot was only born in 1980, he has already lived multiple lives.

Beginning as a commercial engineer, he soon decided to give that up in favor of a more fulfilling profession, becoming a comics artist.

Beuchot never studied the trade formally, although he has been heavily influenced by a number of legendary comics creators, such as Hergé, Moebius, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Naoki Urasawa.

Beuchot first published two stories with publisher Ankama, as morbid as they were off-the-wall, before being discovered by Le Lombard.

The publisher soon offered him a script by Zidrou, Le Montreur d'histoires (Le Lombard 2011; Once Upon a Time in Africa, Europe Comics 2017), which would be the first volume of the African Trilogy.

The creative duo of Beuchot and Zidrou would go on to complete the trilogy, published in its entirety with Le Lombard, with Tourne-disque (2014; Turntable, Europe Comics 2017) and Un tout petit bout d'elles (2016, A Little Piece of Her, Europe Comics 2017).

In parallel, Beuchot also developed his own humoristic drawing style under the pen name raphaëlB, publishing his cartoons in publications such as Libération.