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Renaud Denauw was born in Mouscron (Belgium) in 1936.

He graduated from the college of Saint-Luc in Tournai with a degree in advertising and lithography. His classmates included a certain Raoul Cauvin, whom he would meet again later while working for the magazine Spirou.

After spending a year in advertising, Renaud adapted the novels of Fleuve Noir as comic strips for the pocket magazines of Éditions Aredit.

Keen to improve his talent, he started working on Spirou in 1975 as well as, under the pseudonym "Sylvain," publishing the (very revealing) adventures of Merline in the monthly magazines of Éditions des Archers.

He later left Spirou for Tintin, where editor in chief Jean-Luc Vernal proposed that he work on a new project with scriptwriter Jean Dufaux.

The result was short-lived, but would ultimately lead to a new partnership on the long-running series Jessica Blandy (Dupuis, Europe Comics in English), which debuted in 1987.