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Roxanne Moreil

Roxanne Moreil

Born in 1987, Roxanne Moreil studied History of Art at the Université de Nantes.

Since 2010, she has been a bookseller, as well as a collaborator in a myriad of cartoon-related projects.

As a member of Maison Fumetti, a cooperative from Nantes dedicated to comics, which she co-presided for a year, she was an active and energetic participant in the Fumetti festival.

In 2015, she created the Vie Moderne publishing group with Cyril Pedrosa, where together they began to publish art produced by pairs of authors, inspired by works of great painters, from past as well as contemporary movements.

In 2018, she became involved in the birth of the feminist exposition “A cartoon when I want if I want,” a Maison Fumetti production.

L’Age d’or (Dupuis; The Golden Age, Europe Comics) is her first graphic novel script, co-written alongside Cyril Pedrosa.