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Stéphane Oiry

Stéphane Oiry

Stéphane Oiry was born in Nantes on April 1st, 1970.

The second joke he played on his parents was choosing to become an artist. And if the heart of comedy is keeping things “short and sweet,” Oiry has continued to defy that wisdom by piling up an impressive number of publications over the decades.

Oiry works in the fields of animation (La Mouche, La Famille Bordemer), the press (contributing to Le Monde), and children’s books.

In 2004, Oiry co-founded the children’s comics magazine Capsule Cosmique, acting as deputy editor-in-chief.

And he has also compiled an increasingly long list of full-length comic books and graphic novels, including Les passe-murailles (Humanoïdes associés), written by Jean-Luc Cornette, Pauline et les loups garous (Futuropolis), with Appollo, and more recently, the series Maggy Garrisson (Dupuis; Europe Comics 2017) together with Lewis Trondheim.

Oiry also teaches illustration at the Condé art and design school.