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Sylvain Ricard

Sylvain Ricard

Sylvain Ricard was born in 1969 in France, in the middle of winter in a gray suburb. Bullied by his three brothers, he grew up in a hostile world of fear.

One day in May 2001, he met artist Christophe Gaultier who, moved by his story, took him under his wing.

Their chance encounter has resulted in heaps of wonderful books which they show to their friends with pride. Following this fruitful partnership, his friends soon decided to team up with him as well, which was how Sylvain, Frédéric Féjard, and Maël found themselves publishing together as a trio.

In parallel, Sylvain was obliged along the way to choose a profession and start working. He went to work in a laboratory, researching human genetics, all while continuing his comics projects on the side.

His work includes the series Les Rêves de Milton (Dupuis 2005; Milton's Dreams, Europe Comics 2018), a historical drama which takes place in the U.S. during the Great Depression.