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Theo Caneschi

Theo Caneschi

Theo Caneschi was born in Florence, Italy, on June 9th, 1973.

Though he spent his childhood drawing, he never thought it would one day become his profession! However, in 1994, after high school graduation, he began attending the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Florence to pursue a career in the 9th art.

Four years later he joined Inklink, a studio in Florence, taking on a number of illustration projects as well as historical reconstructions for various museums. Then one day fortune found him when publisher Delcourt came knocking, seeking an illustrator for Le Trône d'argile, written by Nicolas Jarry and France Richemond (published in 2006).

One year later, Caneschi received another proposition, this time to work on Alejandro Jodorowsky's Pape terrible (Delcourt), and then in 2017, he was chosen to take up the series Murena, written by Jean Dufaux, following the passing of artist Philippe Delaby (Dargaud; Europe Comics in English).