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Thomas Legrain

Thomas Legrain

Thomas Legrain's talent was obvious from the word go.

He's been drawing for as long as he can remember, and he did his first comic book at the age of twelve. As a keen admirer of the likes of Van Hamme and Travis Charest, he soon developed a taste for realism and meticulous backdrops. Nonetheless, when he reached the time in his life to make those first career choices, he actually chose to study history and criminology, as a backup to his artistic activities. What with his incredible capacity for hard work, he still managed to complete an album a year alongside his studies.

As soon as he'd finished with higher education, he published a few panels online.

It only took him two months to be spotted by Jean-Claude Bartoll (Insiders), who he then worked with on Mortelle Rivière with Glénat, and L'Agence with Casterman.

Three years and seven published albums later, he achieved his childhood dream and landed himself a contract with Le Lombard, where he collaborated with writer Benec on the Sisco series (Europe Comics 2017), a political thriller.

In 2015, he allowed himself a little break from Sisco, in order to make time to work with Stephen Desberg on Bagdad Inc. (Le Lombard 2015, Europe Comics 2016), a techno-thriller based in war-torn Iraq. Another triumph of realistic illustration techniques!