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Wilfrid Lupano

Wilfrid Lupano

Wilfrid Lupano was born in Nantes in 1971, but it was in Pau that he would spend the majority of his childhood.

His was a childhood spent buried in his parents’ comic book collection, even if his wild imagination and interest in writing is due above all to his love for role-playing games.

As a young adult, Lupano worked as a server to finance his studies – a combination of philosophy and English – and he soon met two other young men, Roland Pignault and Fred Campoy, who would become both his friends and creative partners. Together they would go on to create the humoristic western Little Big Joe (Delcourt, 2001), and that was just the beginning.

Lupano quickly blossomed as a scriptwriter, and over the following years he penned countless titles, ranging from the four-part series Alim le tanneur with Delcourt (2004-2009) to the thriller Ma révérence (Delcourt 2013).

Then, in 2014, alongside artist Paul Cauuet, he published the first volume of Les Vieux fourneaux (Dargaud, Old Geezers, Europe Comics in English 2017), a major hit with critics and readers alike.

And in 2017, Lupano has gone even farther afield with his adaptation of the legendary sci-fi series Valerian, collaborating with artist Mathieu Lauffray on the spin-off Shingouzlooz Inc. (Dargaud, Europe Comics in English).