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Zabus was born in 1971 in Namur, Belgium.

As a little boy he was already a daydreamer, a trait which, he claims, remains to this day.

He discovered the joys of story-writing at the age of 10, when he started reading an Agatha Christie novel and stopped after 10 pages to write the rest. When he was a teenager, he took to buying old typewriters on which he'd pretend to type up all his imaginary novels.

At the age of 18, he took up studies in philology and then journalism, because these seemed to him the subjects that would best prepare him for being a professional writer.

He later found out that it was quite the opposite! After he'd completed his studies, he sent off a load of comic book projects that were refused by every publisher.

He became a French teacher for a few years and then decided to give up teaching and focus his energy entirely on his theatrical activities as an actor and playwright.

He started to write comic books again, first publishing a few short stories in the magazine Spirou and then two kids' series with Dupuis: Le monde selon François (2007-2009) and Agathe Saugrenu (2007-2009).

Alongside his comic book projects he wrote and acted in several plays with Belgian theater companies such as L’Infini théâtre, Les Baladins du miroir and Les Zygomars.

His latest comic book projects are Les larmes du seigneur afghan (Dupuis 2014; Tears of an Afghan Warlord, Europe Comics 2017) and the wonderful Macaroni! (Dupuis 2016, Europe Comics 2017), a touching graphic novel about Italian immigration, created in collaboration with Thomas Campi.