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Elves Universe

This universe is taken directly from the eponymous comic books published at Éditions Soleil and taking place in the Lands of Arran.

Lead: Jean-Luc Istin

Elves Logo Elves in Elves Universe


Immortal spirits that populate the world of Arran. Arran is both God and Earth. The Elves are the second children of Arran. They came to the world soon after Dragons and before Men. White Elves are at the origin of all the other elven races that emerged during the Great Schism.


The five different adventures take place in a common world and represent different aspects of this universe. Even if the comic books are independent, they compose a global picture.

Elves is the first concept-series developed by the Édition Soleil, at the instigation of the creators Jean-Luc Istin and Nicolas Jarry. These two authors have imagined, for each book, different peoples evolving on a single map divided into several territories.

Elves' illustrators

  • Kyko Duarte
  • Gianluca Maconi
  • Stéphane Bileau
  • Jean-Paul Bordier
  • Ma Yi

Elves' story-writers

  • Jean-Luc Istin
  • Nicolas Jarry
  • Olivier Peru
  • Corbeyran
  • Marc Hadrien
Dwarves Logo Dwarves in Elves Universe


While Elves are organized by race, Dwarves are organized by Orders; hierarchical and hereditary social groups within the same people.

In ancient times, the Dwarves formed a powerful people united around one king. Their civilization then dominated the East lands with a complete supremacy.

Until happened the Great Schism that led to the bursting of a millennial kingdom into a multitude of fortress-states entrenched in the heart of the highest inaccessible mountains of the world. Knowledge and power, up to then concentrated in the hands of a few powerful dwarves, were divided between four dominant Orders: the Forge, the Retaliation, the Temple and the Shield.

Then, a fifth Order was created, including the pariahs and the underprivileged: the Order of the Wanderers.

Thus, the dwarf society, despite its bursting and the loss of a powerful central power, persisted through the centuries and preserved its values and unity through the coexistence of the five orders.

Although the Dwarves are not as numerous as they once were, they are still the most formidable warriors of the known world, unparalleled craftsmen and engineers of genius.


Nicolas Jarry, already a story-writer on Elves, wanted to develop a new series taking place in the same universe: Dwarves. He then imagined the different Orders of Dwarves, and the stories he wished to tell. Then, Jean-Luc Istin only needed to gather illustrators whose graphic style would match that of the Elves series.

Pierre-Denis Goux, the graphic designer, made the Dwarves bible which brings a strong coherence of this universe.

Dwarves' illustrators

  • Pierre-Denis Goux (graphic design of the series)
  • Stéphane Créty
  • Paolo Deplano
  • Jean-Paul Bordier
  • Nicolas Demare

Dwarves' story-writer

  • Nicolas Jarry
Dwarves in Elves Universe

Main Characters

Jih-Biin in Elves Universe

Elves have become tied down to the Human race and their bastard offsprings, fruit of their forbidden unions, survive in the world of Human. Some gather into tribes. Many live from their art or from special abilities (gift of magic, of night vision, of clairvoyance, etc.) from the combination of human and elf genes. Some even have blood relation with other breeds...

Oösram in Elves Universe

Oösram was the greatest general of the Seven-Dragons Fortress. But he betrayed his oath. Since then, he is nothing anymore. His beard was cut off, his properties confiscated, his glory forgotten. He and his family became Wanderers, working the land for a pittance. Oösram accepts his destiny. Until the day he lost his daughter when a Venerable of the Order of the Forge refuses to look after the child of a pariah. The former General goes back to battle. Those he once defended have now become his enemies...