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Metal Hurlant 01

Metal Hurlant 01

We get started with a bang as Avengers writer, Kurt Busiek, teams with artist extraordinaire, Gerald Parel on the new story, Hunter’s Moon. This issue also features the beginning of the serialized Megalex story by the TechnoPriests team of Jodorowsky and Fred Beltran, as well as several surprises.

Table of Contents

The Word

Story: Alexandro Jodorowsky (Chile/France)
Illustrations: Marc Riou & Mark Vigouroux (France)
Genre: Poetic Sci-fi
Hero: Metal Hurlant

Collaborating with different illustrators in each issue, Jodorowsky tells of the creation of Métal Hurlant, and its influence in the universe. This is not a fanciful tale of crackpots who tell us about their comic books, but the authentic history of the force that has been called Métal Hurlant since the dawn of time - and which, long ago, someone thought fitting to use as the title of a magazine. In this first story. "The Word, Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux handle the illustrations: they've obviously put their computer through its paces to render this haunting interstellar dirge. (Page 2.)

Hunter's Moon

Story: Kurt Busiek (USA)
Illustrations : Gérald Parel (France)
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Guest Star: The full moon

It's Kurt Busiek himself, in an encounter with the artist Gérald Parel, whose style is brutal yet elegant at the same time. Together, they retell an age-old myth. A successful collaboration between two great minds on two continents. (Page 7)

Day Off

Story & Illustrations: Pierre Wazem (Switzerland)
Genre: Autobiographical Tale
Guest Star: Pierre's father

Not only is Wazem sensitive, and intelligent... he's also Swiss, and he drinks too much. Maybe that's the price he pays for being so sensitive and intelligent. His characters, in search of an elusive truth. might give us the answer. This story is as refreshing as a summer evening shower. (Page 18)

Beltran's Halfway Point Pin-Ups

Fred Beltran is passionate about his pin-ups, which seem to come from a world that no longer exists. Because of his love for them, he teases them affectionately. A welcome sight for our eyes. (Page 24.)

The Lion's Share

Story: Portela (Spain)
Illustrations: Das Pastoras (Spain)
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Hero: A muscle-bound man

Das Pastoras and Portela are two bright new talents on the Spanish scene. They don't weigh themselves down with cozy references, nor do they pride themselves on making things pretty. Their tale is pure, raw, and sensuous. (Page 26)

Megalex - Episode 1

Story: Jodorowsky (Chile/France)
Illustrations: Fred Beltran (France)
Genre: Mythical Fiction Hero: A living lab accident

The only story that will continue from one issue to the next, the Megalex saga was conceived by Alexandro Jodorowsky and sumptuously put into images by Fred Beltran. (Page 38)

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