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Metal Hurlant 10

Metal Hurlant 10

Does our destiny lie among the stars or in the dust? A question to be answered in this new issue of Metal Hurlant!

It's good to be the king, right? Find out how heavy lies the KING'S CROWN, our cover story illustrated by the incomparable Richard Corben and written by Jim Alexander (Warhammer). Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Metabarons), partnered with artist Adi Granov, weaves a tale of destiny and love among the stars in THE MASTERS OF DESTINY. Being dead is bad enough, but what happens when you're faced with TERMINAL BOREDOM, the third story in the ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD series, by Zombie-wrangler Jerry Frissen and illustrated by Zombie-Master Guy Davis (The Marquis). Plus you'll find even more zombies in the latest chapter of Stefano Raffaele's FRAGILE, trip the light fantastic through the best of popular culture as Jean-Pierre Dionnet continues SPOUTING OFF, and explore the mysterious world Jodorowsky's/Beltran's MEGALEX.

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