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The first scrolls that make up the so-called "Dead Sea Scrolls" were discovered in 1947. This is the most sensational archaeological discovery of modern times. The study of rolls and fragments found in sealed jars is still ongoing. For the past fifty years or so, it has given rise to all kinds of passionate controversies and sometimes violent clashes. The disappearance of one of the most important scrolls, the Scroll of the Messiah, doesn't make things any better.

It is true that, according to some researchers, this missing roll contains revelations likely to disturb the very basis of Judeo-Christian civilization!

Qumran is the faithful adaptation of Eliette Abécassis's eponymous bestseller, sweeping 5000 years of history and sold more than 100,000 copies. A novel that's as erudite as it's fascinating, in the spirit of Umberto Eco's "Name of the Rose" or "Pendulum of Foucault", which is now beautifully adapted by Gémine and Makyo.

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