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The Marvelous Adventures of McConey

McConey, a creature of the lagomorpha genus, is a rather extraordinary rabbit. Firstly, he talks… and intelligibly at that! Secondly, he moves around like any other comic hero, in a world that changes… with each album! In the first episode, we find him out in the Wild West in the time of saloons and poker, and in the second, roving round a modern-day big city, living a normal (?) life… Trondheim’s “McConey” is a series unlike any other, full of unexpected charm, humor, and eccentricity.

Original title: Les formidables aventures de Lapinot
Alternative translation title: The Spiffy Adventures of McConey

Order is given in original French manner:

  1. Lapinot et les carottes de Patagonie (1992)
  2. Slaloms (1993)
  3. Mildiou (1994)
  4. Blacktown (1995)
  5. Pichenettes (1996)
  6. Walter (1996)
  7. Amour & Intérim (1998)
  8. Vacances de printemps (1999)
  9. Pour de vrai (1999)
  10. La couleur de l'enfer (2000)
  11. L'accélérateur Atomique (2003)
  12. La vie comme elle vient (2004)

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