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The Marvelous Adventures of McConey 6 — Harum Scarum

The Marvelous Adventures of McConey 6 - Harum Scarum

Midnight. A small Parisian apartment in the 1930s. A rabbit, a cat, and a dog scream in terror as a giant monster lunges toward them...

That's the opening scene of Harum Scarum, a European-style album that mixes action, humor, horror, and funny-animals with a uniquely modern flair. Written and illustrated (in stunning full color) by Lewis Trondheim, the hottest French cartooning talent to emerge in the '90s, Harum Scarum mixes sardonic wit with a genuinely thrilling story that involves a plague of horrible monsters and science gone awry... kidnappings, murder, arson, and pitiless beatings... fairy dust, time machines, and the teleportational cap... sinister commies, double agents, and corrupt commissioners... the niceties of tipping and the precise location of the jugular vein. Join the bunny, the cat and the dog as they blunder and wisecrack their way through a monstrous mystery that could destroy mankind as we know it. Trondheim has been nominated for multiple awards, and Harum Scarum is probably his most accessible (and most fun) work.